Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WAY excited!

I just sold all of the current Salon furniture to one lady. YIPPEEE. They are coming to pick it all up Saturday Night when we close! Whew... what a relief. One less thing to worry about. Not to mention I got decent money for it all. It is still good stuff. I don't know how many clients this week have said, I don't see anything wrong with what you have. There isn't really, but I just want something more MODERN! I can't have my house all black, so it is my outlet! I am not sure what they are planning on doing with it, but I think it will make for a great salon. I am keeping one station and chair for my personal use. I am not ever going to be an at home stylist it's just not my thing, but I will do my family!!! I can't wait for this weekend to hurry and get here!!! I have been waiting over 4 years for the day I could have all NEW STUFF!!!! It is here and worth every minute of working hard to accomplish this goal!

European Design HERE WE COME! The NEW KADIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holly Kolb said...

So a big "way to go" is in order for your Craigs List specialist! That's right, I'm good!!!

Britni said...

okay, im dying to see the NEW KADIZA!! Im having to blog stalk! :) POST PICTURES WOMAN! See ya soon.