Thursday, July 31, 2008


Everything is coming along just great. Now I am working on reception place cards and tiny programs to attach to the hand fans... they are going to be soo cute!
I found printed paper using the greens of the dresses and that will tie it all in just perfect.
We got the favor bags and labels. They are adorable...
We found the candy we are using. I am way excited.
hint hint fushia parasols!!!!
pictures coming soon!

Tonight I am packing to head to Utah for the last time! Well for a while anyway!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I made it through the last weekends apart with no major break downs... Well maybe in my mind. Nick might think something different. I think I only cried three times... I tried to stay busy. It didn't work all that well, I was still miserable. I made it though. My weeks fly by, because I am SO busy at work. It is hard to really think about anything else.... OH WAIT every client wants to know all about Nick, the house, wedding plans.... Thats pretty much all I think of and talk about. I do love what I do though, and at the end of the day I don't get to see Nick which is stinky. I get the satisfaction of making people look really good. I think if it wasn't for that I would have had a break down... ;o)

How I stayed busy this weekend!!! I colored my hair alot!!!! It's ok I know what I am doing!!!! I was going for a more natural Gisele look. Big change from my what I can "playboy bunny" hair. Kinda a work in progress. I think I decited to go about half way for the wedding and winter time do more that complete look!

so right now we are getting to here... maybe. That was my decision this weekend!

I will try to do my before and afters later today!!!! Hair is amazingly fun!!!!
Nick pointed out to me, not all people can visualize what someone else's hair will look like on you like I can.
So for you that are like that, I'll make it easy, I can do the pictures of me!! stay tuned!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OHHHH MY i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I am counting down the hours. I can't hardly wait!!! I think I already said that, but I can say it agian!!!! One week till I see Nick and we make our venture across a few states to what we may call home together. Where we will start our journey as a New family. Soon, I will post pictures of what will be the new "Sorensen,La Casa de Amor" It is beautiful. So is the name, and oh how do i mean it!!!! We are soo blessed to have found one another. We are so ready to be able to do everything together! It will just be flat out amazing!!! 7 days!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Nick and I decided to make Lubbock, Texas our home for now! I am very excited. I think he is too. Maybe just because I am here, probably not any other reason. It's not because of lots to do, or the veiws! ;o) I cannot wait!!! Less than two weeks now, and we will get to see eachothers faces every day....


1. I love than more than I ever thought was even possible for HUMANS.

2. He makes me smile just looking at him. (I smile the whole time I am with him. I am gladly preparing for a permenant grin on my face!)

3. He is an amazing exsample to me of how to be always striving to be more like Christ. His actions are a mirror of what is in his heart. He is sooo unselfish. Believe it or not, I am improving. I want to be more like him.

4. We like to do all the same things. (except hunting, I haven't ever tried it. He likes it. That means I will too!)

5.He makes me laugh even more in person than on the phone.

6. Speaking of that one, On the phone, NO MORE!!!! No more laying in bed at night on the phone for hours. It gets old.

7. I will have a gym buddy!!! ALAS!!!!

8. I get to cook dinner for more than one, and not eat out alone!!!!

9. He brings out the best in me. Many will say I am a better person all together when Nick is around. I am just Happy. I never worry about things. I dont freak about anything. I just relax, because he always watches out for us. He just takes care of things.

10. We are BEST FRIENDS, and we make it through life together. We are team that works together perfectly. (it's tough when your teammate is 950 miles away)
I like holding hands with my teammate!

Those are probably not even the TOP reasons, but those are the first 10 that came to mind.
We are leaving to drive to Texas after the shower up there. I can't wait to spend 16 hours aLONE with the love of my life! We will talk the whole time too. I don't like to ride in the car quiet. He says it doesn't bother him that I am Chatty Cathy. We will see, 16 hours of it, might change his mind.


I can't wait for my showers it will be so great to get together with everyone. Our shower in Lubbock will be on August 17th and our shower in Utah will be on August 3rd. (Thanks Annie!) I am really looking forward to both of them. I wasn't sure I was going to get to go back to Utah, and it all worked out that I can YEAH! Say bye bye to the BEAUTIFUL mountains. I have got spoiled to the views... I will miss it. But I won't miss flying back and forth across the country!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding Planning!

Well we have almost got all the invitations out, and now we are on to planning the Reception. What location at the resort that we should have it. Choosing the decor that you can bring in a suitcase! wow what a challenge! Everything at the resort I either don't like or is waayy expensive. I am racking my brain to think of easy small light ways we can decorate. I think I have found the perfect idea. We are picking out the Menu to be served at the five course sit down dinner. Pick a cake. Pick the seating and prepare place cards. All of this fun stuff! My dress is going to be here in about three weeks, so I am looking at dates that Brittany can take my bridal pictures. We finished our registries. I beleive my shower is going to be on August 17th. I am excited, I know that it will be great. Trying to get all the names and addresses to give to the hostesses, so that they can get them sent out. Alot harder to do that than the Wedding invitations, because we kept it so small. I will be a big shower. Lots of my clients want to come, and I grew up here so we know lots of people! It will be a great time. Thats the work for this week. I am having fun though! Everyone keep checking out our site. I have been updating it regularly.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is what I feel like today. I am having the toughest time not being with NICK! I have saved lots of things to do this weekend so I wouldn't be just sitting around. As it seems though, I can't even get those things done. I am madly in love with the greatest guy that has ever walked earth, and i MISSS him. My heart hurts! I could hardly sleep at all last night. It doesn't help much to talk to him, it just makes us both go crazy. I wish I could be in a time machine, and just make all the time pass. He went to St. George this weekend to play in a softball tourney. I am glad he did that! It's much better to stay busy. I don't want to be around anyone but him. Nothing can take my mind off of him for a second! My parents are cooking out tonight, so that will be good. I just want to see him smile! I love you Nick!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wedding Photographer

I am really excited about our wedding photographer that is coming! Well it is acctually a couple. They take the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. They are from Canada, but they gave us this great deal because we decided on a tuesday for the wedding. It worked out well so we can spend a long weekends with our families and everyone that gets to come, and then we will get married on Tuesday and then everyone can go home. I think it turned out perfect! I can't wait. Their website is You can get to their blog from there. They kinda specialize in destinations weddings... so check those out if you want! The lower pictures are a session that they are doing now called trash you dress! I mean really will you daughter wear it... NO so you trash it.. and they turn out to be some really amazing pictures! I am going to just cut off some of the train to cover a scrapbook page or something. That way I'll have a little of the fabric! The rest will be history in MEXICO!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The FOURTH day of JULY!

It was a good one indeed. I was with the LOVE of my LIFE! My parents invited us to the Annual Country Club 4th of July Party. We ate amazing hotdogs and lots of watermelon. Best of all I got to sit on Nick's lap and watch an impressive fireworks display. Quite a night. He got to meet lots of family friends. I don't know how fun that was for him, but I know all of them were excited to finally meet him after hearing so much about him!


I haven't talked much aboout my experience with the Church over the last 6 or 8 months, but it has been really amazing. God sent an incredible woman into my path. She would make a difference in my life that would be unforgetable. Her name is Sister Jessica Swensen. I met her in January, and almost immediatley we became friends. I was drawn to her because of her love for the Lord, and her willingness to do his work full-heartedly. She is a STRONG person. She has a very powerful testimony that was life changing for me. She lived it out in a way that it affected me so directly. I can't even tell you how divine it was that her God given talents and strengths she was blessed with were able to meet my needs over the time she spent here in Lubbock. She left me notes on my car or mailed them to me lots of times, but it just always seemed to be on days I needed encouragement the most! I know that Heavenly Father is so PROUD of all the work she has done sharing the Gospel to so many in SUCH a powerful way over the last 17 months! She is so filled with the spirit anyone could spot it from a mile away right on her face! She left about one month ago, and I cannot tell you how much I have missed her. I know she is still going strong and I cannot wait till I can talk to her whenever I want about Whatever I want!!!! Sounds kinda selfish huh? It's the truth though, I can't wait just to be normal friends for the rest of our lives! She is coming to our Wedding, so I will see her in Sept. and cannot hardly wait! I know we will be talking quite alot when she gets released in about five weeks... I believe! Much thanks goes to SIS JESS for all that she has done for me and many others! I love her! here is a Pic of her last Sunday here!

My new OLD friend!

Hey everyone check out my friend Brandi's page. We have known eachother ever since we were wee little. She was always such an amazing friend. She was unbelievable at everything she did. In High School she was involved in so mant things it made me tired to watch her do it all. She was just awesome! She just got married to the guy that she dated all through school. They are too cute! So go check it out her beautiful bridal pictures are on her page, and alot of work she has been up to. Check every once in a while for recent pictures, we chopped all her hair off this week. It looks adorable!

Sunday, July 6, 2008