Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Update my treat making.. I missed out on posting the picture of the cake I made for our primary classes birthday. Four were all in a two week period, so we held out and celebrated all. I got this amazing butterfly cake pan as a wedding gift and finally got to use it. I didn't do a very good job decorating it, but there with be many more!

The others are my little nests! I ended up making 125 of these little things, on top of making lots of other stuff for our easter meal! They turned out good, everyone seemed to like them. I changed the base to a no bake cooking, but left out the cocoa because I am not a fan of chocolate. Everyone ate them... We came home with ZERO which was a blessing!

I think the kids had lots of fun eating them! So did all of my family!


katie said...

natalie your blog is always so cute!! and ADORABLE idea for the nests!!!