Monday, April 20, 2009

To Wifey

Written by Nick...........
I do have to brag on the wife. I think she is in the lead for the teachers pet of our new Temple Prep class. She is always excited to share in class which I know teachers always love. She gave a great example today comparing being saved to following the gospel as close as you can. She was explaining that we are saved by grace but through our works we will be glorified. In her mind she came up with the story that I thought was pretty deep. She compared following the gospel to going through the motions in our faith by stating that the gospel is liken unto a parking meter. Sure you can still get into heaven through Grace by parking down the street without paying the meter but she would rather be parked on the first row closest to the building no matter what the cost. I would have made a comment about it in class but I have a tendency to use sarcasm a little too much and everybody including Natalie would not have believed me if I would have made a positive comment about it. So I have to compliment her on this so she knows that I appreciate her thoughts and comments. This past 18 months watching her testimony and faith in the gospel grow has been such an amazing experience in my life. She is a rock and it has truly made me so much stronger in my own beliefs. Thank you so much. Happy 1 year Baptism Anniversary. He He. I Love You SO Much. Thank You for being you!!!!!


♥Shally said...

There is nothing like someone new to remind us that we should not take the gospel for granted.