Friday, November 28, 2008

Lots to be thankful for!

We had tons of food and SNOW. Cooking all day and watching football. We played with the kids. I gave my one little girl cousin a manicure, pedicure, and a hair do! She was looking FABULOUS at five! For the feast we had turkey, stuffing, potatoes,gravy, corn, green beans, green bean cassarole, fruit salad, rolls, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and deviled eggs. To top it all off after we were stuffed with that we had 10 pies for 9 adults and three kids. Wow we were sick! We stayed true to our annual Thanksgiving night tradition we watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. What a great Classic. It started snowing in the afternoon and still hasn't stopped. I am guessing four inches! We are going to four wheel and make snowmen. Just do anything in the snow! It will be a great day. I better go so I can get some breakfast going! Hope everyone's Turkey day was great!!! I will have lots of pictues when we get back!

Monday, November 24, 2008

More on the calling!!

They told us the 6 yr old were WILD and would need a male and female couple to take control of them!!! They asked Nick and I to be the ones for the job ;o) We are gladly accepting the challenge the first week in December! We will let you know if they are actually as difficult as they are known for!

Getting ready for TURKEY DAY!

I am excited for this Thanksgiving. Nick and I are driving to to our house in Colorado with my parents Wednesday Night. We are leaving in the afternoon, but it takes about 8.5 hours to get there. It is in Pagosa Springs. Well outside of there in the National Forest. Nick can't wait to scope it all out for our elk hunt next year!!! We are going to have a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. It will be about 12 people there! I am not thinking that we are going to get to ski. Not quite enough snow. I have a feeling that we will get some while we are there just like last year. It was fun playing in the snow with the kids. It made me remember many times when I was a child. We have some four wheelers and lots of land to cover. We have a pond that we can fish on. We might bring the fly rods and Nick teach me to fly fish in the river. There is really lots of things to do. Curl up by the fire and watch a movie with my Love!!! Pagosa is a great little town. It is very historical, and tons of cute little shops. I always like to go to town and get a Bear Creek BURGER! They are the very best!!!! We will go visit the hot springs, and get the sweet aromas of rotten eggs. But you still have to do it. Nick and I love being outdoors and experiencing all of nature we can! I am sure we won't be wanting to come home!

I hope that everyone has such a blessed Thanksgiving Day with all their families! Remember how many millions of things we have to be grateful for!!!!
I almost forgot!!! We FINALLY got out calling! I am sooo excited Nick and I were called to be 6 year old teachers!!!! We already know a couple of the kids who are that age! We are really excited. I know it will even give me a worse- ER case of Baby Fever! Everyone who knows me know I AM READY! I am being patient though! Well if you asked Nick he might say otherwise!!! I am probably driving him nuts!

What is your Turkey going to look like????

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Happening

We went to our dinner event last night! They were giving away a 1.5 Carat Fire and Ice Diamond! I didn't win! But the girl that did was SUPER excited!!! Here are a few pics from the evening It was lots of fun. It got me even more in the mood for CHRISTMAS. I guess I'll eat some turkey first! It was sure fun to get dresses up though! I am Married to a STUD!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

I almost forgot to do my thankful list. This week went by really fast! We are about to get in bed...

1. Getting to go to dinner with my family tonight

2. Tech beating OU! Oh WAIT I meant playing.. OOPS

3. Our week of great workouts. We are BOTH sore and its week 7. Pretty impressive.

4. We get to go to a really fun Holiday KiCK off party tomm. evening that benefits charity! DRESS UP!! ;o)

5. Nick being so stinking amazing. I mean he is never quite done amazing me! He works so hard it's unreal. He teaches me so much about life. He brought home some amazing Christmas pieces as a suprise. I will have to do another post on those, and show some pics!

6. I am thankful the Bishopric was able to come over and meet with us last night! I was really great getting to know them better. I am so excited about our ward. I think Sunday we will get our callings! I can't wait to know what it is going to be.
(also glad I had the strength to make chocolate ship cookies and not eat a morsel!)

7. We get to have a party this weekend.

8. My wonderful aunt did well in surgery, and is recovering better than expected!

9. Apex protien bars, I am absolutley thinking they are the greatest thing. I have been really busy at work and it is an EASY snack and sooo yummy!!!

10. We got asked to speak in church on Jan. 11th, and I think my parents are going to come and listed. That makes me smile!

That is it for this week. I have much more to be thankful for, but that's what I thought of first!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The next big game is coming up. It seems like everyone is going stir crazy in this town. We are trying to wait patiently. It's HARD. We are ready to beat these guys. It's a night game, so Nick and I decided to have a party! We just got the 52in. mounted on the wall! We have our built in surround sound hooked up and working now! WE ARE READY! I designated it SUPER BOWL style. Everyone bring tons of snacks and finger food. Just pig out! You can always yell louder on a full tummy!!! I think we are doing wings, and I will make some TECH cookies. Nick said he is going to make something CRAZY on the grill. He hasn't made up him mind yet what though! I know it will be good though! He is a MASTER on the grill! This past weekend we had company on Sunday, and Nick did Salmon on cedar planks. It was out of this world!!!
Ok so maybe, if you can, say a sweet little prayer for our little players to do their BEST! GO TECH!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have a blog friend that does thankful Thursdays! I really love that! I have a tendancy to forget what I am so thankful for! God is so generous in blessing Nick and I in so many ways! I had to copy! I never know how many there will be but here goes!
1. I finally found barstools, after many months or seaching for the perfect look and bargain. NOT an easy task! I did it. They will be in in two months.
2. My wonderful Husband to sat and talked with me for about two hours. Just had to get some stuff of my chest, and he was so sweet to listen.
3. I am really loving looking at my Christmas decorations! They make me smile.
4. Our house is clean! It feels good.
5. I really like the new Genius feature on my new IPOD NANO. I love to have workout tunes picked for me!
7. Getting moved to a new ward. It has been really good. I can't wait to get to know everyone better.
Our families. It's just fun getting to know a whole new side to our BIG family.

Body for Life update!

So we are one month in on our Challenge. We are feeling great. We are getting down our eating plans. It takes quite a bit of getting use to! Maybe more efforts into planning,and always having what you need to eat. NOT having what you don't need to eat. We overcame Halloween with flying colors. I had to hide our trick -or -treat candy so Nick wouldn't find it and mess up! Somehow it comes out on cheat days.
One of the awesome things I have made are "HEALTHY CALZONES"
We get wheat dough from the local bakery
Let it rise over night
Cook spicy turkey italian sausage slice it up
Turkey pepperoni
Nappa Vally Spicy Arribiata Sauce

Knead the dough into a circle about the size of a mini pizza
On half of it lay ham, sausage, and pepperoni
Put 2 spoonfuls of sauce on top
Bring the other side over
pinch ends together
Bake on 375 for 13 min
YUMMY! Nick loves them we had them for dinner twice last week!

Now for the gym! I am loving the workouts. Nick looks really good already. He is genetically derived from GLADIATORS! I swear, he has even missed one whole week of workouts due to work. I think his diet makes a big difference for him. I was a pretty healthy eater before, because of all my allergies to things.
He says he can tell a difference in me, and I can tell a lot on him. I think you are your own worst critic.
As for the scale. He has lost 11. HUGE
For me 4.5, but right on schedule for my goal if it continues. I am pleased! I know that I am getting more toned! My body fat percentage went down 1.5%.
I don't think I told you this but instead of 12 weeks we are doing 18! The transformation plan!
We will finish right around my birthday. It is actually Valentine's Day. I can hold out for my birthday cake till those after pictures!

I am ready to keep going. It is getting easier!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday FUN!

I am a huge CHRISTMAS person! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love celebrating the true reason for the season! I told Nick that I always put my tree up really early, but he didn't know that meant Halloween! Okay the weekend after! I was already really ready! We got a big tree for our new house! My tree that I had was a smaller white tree with pink ad turquoise ornaments. I just didn't think that was good for our first year family tree. I wouldn't look good in out house either! I really like what we went with. The colors look great in the living room, and it's something I haven't ever seen! Yes, we love to be different! The picture doesn't do it justice I just couldn't take one that would expose realistic to what it looks like here is the best!

Now for the House lights! One of the things I look forward to all year is looking at Christmas lights! My whole life my favorite lights were blue and white! Well look what we did!!! It was so much fun! Nick is awesome at putting up the lights!!!!
We are ready for the season! Now I just have to get all the mess from decorating cleaned up today!!!

Game DAY!

Saturday our team was ready to come out and take OSU!
It was a great outcome! The game was lots of FUN. All of the Snell's came to the game. It was great to see Reagan and Grace! We took the family Christmas card picture. Kinda funny who would have ever known I would be in that picture! Pretty cool! Nick cooked pork chops, chicken, brats and steaks at the tailgate. It was all so good, and we needed it IT WAS CHEAT DAY! ;o) We are ready for OU now!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Okay we are gearing up for a BIG GAME! I cannot wait! We are getting all the food ready to tailgate. I already put my camera in my purse, so there will be pictures of this BIG WIN!!!!!!! I know we can to it!
It 's a 7pm game again, but we will be there at noon or so to start getting pumped up!
One of my friends cheered at OSU, so normally I am kinda for them. Well anything but OU.
Today boys and girls I AM NOT an OSU FAN!
It's also going to be pretty chilly, so it will really feel like the ending of a fantastic football season!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I am so excited that I finally have the CD's with the pictures! They are so good! I am trying is fast as I can to get them on my new MAC! Well really on mobile me so all of our family can actually save them and get prints made! It is taking forever!!! I'm sorry!!! It is worth the wait, well for me it was! Here is a couple!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, there are the days that you are a Red Raider fan, and then those that you are a STINKIN' PROUD RED RAIDER FAN!!!

That would be today!!!! WOWOWOW!!!!
Yes that is us ranked #2 in the AP poll!!!! Who would have ever thought!!!! I am sooo proud of them...
The game, what can I say. I have been going since I was a toddler, and I haven't ever seen a game even close to that good!
I went in wanting to beat Texas so bad as usual! I hate seeing that color orange! It makes me sick! ;o)
I knew that we had the potential to win, but we would have to step up and play with all of our ability. We did that the whole game. I was sooo PROUD.
Then it came down to the last quarter and UT scored with 1:28 on the clock.
My heart sank, and I could hardly breathe.
Nick kept asking me if I was OK, and I would just nod my head...
We didn't know what they were thinking when they were in field goal range and they didn't bring the kicker out...
We started to freak! Then he kept pausing and wouldn't throw. We just kept eyeing the clock...
Then he through the pass and we all yelled, "GET OUT OF BOUNDS!"
Instead he ran in for the touchdown!
We almost died! Nick and I leaped up on one another screaming like mad people.
I have never seen anything like the mad house the stadium was! It was the greatest thing to get to see!!!!
So much excitement and pride! What a great VICTORY!

I was trying to post some pics of the game from online, but since we got the MAC I haven't figured that out yet. :o(