Friday, July 31, 2009

Where is that little feather from???

There was a little feather on the tile right outside the office. I thought to myself, "Hmm, where would that come from?" Looked a little further....

I saw a few more...

They led me to the spare bedroom where I saw 1,000,000,000,000,000 other feathers.

The pups like to lay on that bed for some reason... Oh maybe it's because when Grandma Wendy came and stayed with us they got to sleep in it every night. They are very loved. Well, they got bored yesterday...

Nick and I had been working in the office, and they had been in here with us for about an hour. Then I guess they went and laid on their "bed". 

They decided that one of the throw pillows on the bed tasted good.  REALLY GOOD!

WHAT A DISASTER!!! It was a small pillow.  How in the world could all those feathers come out and it still be half full???? We had already let them out thirty minutes before we saw any of this. You couldn't really punish them at that point. They would not have even known what they did wrong.

That was fun to clean up! NOT. 

We still love you guys, and promise not to ignore you again.

The Drive Home! (with the new baby)

We stopped a few times early on just to make sure she was holding on tight!!! Everything was good we made it home in 14 hours... not to bad with all of our potty breaks we did. 

It's lots of fun riding in the car with my husband!!! I really enjoy the time I have with him ALL to myself. Thanks Honey!

Once again, beautiful trip all the way home! Since we got home we have been going on a nightly drive in the Jeep, and I am loving it!!! Put me on a headband and I am good to go!!! 

My first car when I turned 16 was a Jeep as well... I know aww.... It was meant to be!
I really forgot how much I loved hoppin' in the jeep and cruising around on a summer night! Listening to the best of Michael Jackson (thanks Adam)  Super romantic! We are weird, in case you are new to our blog BEWARE!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

St. George and Zion Nation Park

Nick and I decided at the last minute we would drive out to St. George to pick up his jeep and bring it home to Texas.  We left Lubbock at 4pm on Saturday, and drove 18 hours only stopping twice for him to take a little nap! It was unbelievable! I couldn't have ever done something like that alone. Yes he was alone, because I went to sleep about normal bedtime. I was off and on but as hard as I tried, I couldn't stay up with him. Slept right through that loud music!!! It was a beautiful drive... Lots of different scenery between here and there. We made it to St. George sleepy eyed and just in time for church. I didn't even wash my hair... We made it though. It was wonderful seeing Zach, Shally, and our sweet nephew, and nieces! They are soooo precious and growing so fast! I can't believe how much they have changed this year. Cambry was holding little conversations with me. The twins are amazing and Serae the girly girl was super excited to have another "of her kind" in the house. Nick and Bray were so sweet together. And Jax, what can I say the kid is a stud! He really loves me, and he knows how to show it! He gets the award for Congeniality. He treats me like I have been a Sorensen all my life! I love you Jax! I love being your Aunt you guys! Thanks for letting us come stay the night you!

After church we changed and went to Zion. I haven't ever seen anything like it! Well on postcards!!! It was gorgeous... We all had so much fun going through all of the tunnels. We also spotted some rams, or "mountain lions" according to Zach! ;o)

We got pretty close to them as you can see...

It was a great day of family fun!

The Bedroom

 Sorry it took so long, but I am finally getting pics up of our  bedroom. It was fun to do. Glad Mom in law came so I actually finished it! I know a crazy color choice, but I am just crazy like that! I love having the bright wall!!! It also just has a simple modern feel! It really seems like me! 
YES... No TV!!! I know i know... I just feel like that is not what your suppose to do in your bedroom!!! I read a statistic one time about marriage and TV's... I almost died! I decided then I would never have a TV in my bedroom. I told Nick of this right when we started dating, and he was completely on board.  There is so many other FUN things for the bedroom to keep you busy!!! Like reading scripture and sleeping.... ;o) ;o) :o) We like it!

Enjoy the tour!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


 I did mean to document this experience ... We had plans to go to Dallas the weekend before we went to Hawaii for a friend of Nick's birthday party. It was very fun. We got there late and it was raining, but I was still going to take pictures of everyone. It's not often that everyone is all together. I reached into my purse as soon as we got there to take a few, and it wouldn't tun on. I looked in the battery slot, and NOTHING!!! DOn't you hate that. I had it all charged up and waiting. Bummer. Someone did take a few though, and I stole them from facebook. Not super clear but better than nada. While we were in Dallas we got to sty with my friend Britni and her Hubby Dax. They have a precious little boy Rilan. He is such a stud!!! We had a great time catching up, it has for sure been a while. She told me this week that she is pregnant and it is due near my birthday! That would be great! We will see... I can't wait to meet the new little Hardage!!!

                Doty "T-Do" Ryan "Ryno" BIRTHDAY BOY MATT "Mallet"  "Hubby" Ross the "Haus"

                                                      TARA, NIKKI, ME, AND MATT

On our way out of town we had to stop at the Dallas Temple. I hadn't ever seen it before. It was beautiful! The weather wasn't so much. I wanted pictures so bad, so I rolled my jeans up and went barefoot across the lawn. I snapped a few and ran right back to the truck. I was really wet, but well worth it. We went to the DC there to stock up, and the lady that helped us was so sweet. She was a mess, but definitely made it a light-hearted good first experience for us. It was fun!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photo Album

I am beginning to work on the Hawaii photo album... I know it's been a couple of months but no time like the present! I figured if I did my collage- like pages I could fit them all in with few pages. I will share what I have so far...

Such a fun trip!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

more photoshop!!

Nick left for Dallas tonight, he has a business meeting in the morning. I decided to take advantage of his time away and be a computer junkie.... I just realized the cd of the images from our wedding would be a great way to practice my editing skills, and mess around in photoshop! These are lots of fun...At least I am starting out with a photo that is actually shot right. None of mine are quite there yet. I will miss you Honey... Hope your meeting goes well!

LOOK the little seagull!

The view of our wedding site...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Matty is 25!!!

Wow we are getting up there!!! Matt just celebrated his 25th Birthday this week! My Nan and I made the dinner, and we were not much of the hit of the celebration. Matt's girlfriend Edite was home in Latvia for the summer, but she flew in to surprise Matt at his party! She got there in the nick of time, I thought he was almost in tears!!! It was the best! He looked so happy! GREAT job Edite... I have never been able to keep a secret and surprise Nick with anything!!! Good for you! Hope your having a great week together after a LONG summer apart!

I also look some pics of Matty looking oh- so- hot on his day! Yea it's a HAWK! He can pull of anything

new edits!

Just really getting into photoshop!!! It is so amazing what you can do! Here is a few I have been playing with! 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lake/Fourth of July

We spent the fourth at Lake Alan Henry and Mom and Dad's place. We had hamburgers and lots of family time. It seemed like everyone enjoyed watching us all wakeboard. Wendy and Mom had lots of fun chatting... 

The kids were a little hesitant of the water at first, but ended up loving it! They were little fish by the time the weekend was over. 
On our way back into town, we stopped at my uncles for a firework show and another BBQ. Zach did and awesome fireworks display timed to music and all... Very impressive. 

We made it back into town late and church came early, but we made it!!! 
Wendy got to go visit our ward, and meet some of our neat friends. 

So all weekend we basked in the sun, and laughed a lot! The pups just love it out there. 

I am really glad my uncle came up for the holiday. It was so much fun with the kids there. 

Mr. Noah is adorable, and Brandon is getting so big I can hardly believe it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

More on the race...

We woke up about 4:40 ouch!!! We ate a big smoothie, and headed off to the lake. It was still really dark when got there and cars were backed up all the way down the road getting to the starting line. I was really amazed how many people were there. The wind was blowing and it was raining pretty hard. I was glad I brought my jacket for sure. We were a little hesitant to take out the nice camera because of the rain, but it lightened up enough to get a few pre race pics.

I trained only on a stationary bike, Nick never did the swim once, and B has been trying to finish school, work, and be the best husband and dad. I will preface with saying that.

Nick was ready that morning to drowned

The day before the race we found a road bike that a man would let me rent. We went and bought the shoes that click in and I jumped on the bike for about five minutes and road before everyone got here for the party. Not the brightest idea in the book. Not to mention it started pouring rain when I got the chip on my ankle and the roads were slick.

It was a tough up hill climb right at the beginning. I wasn't strapped in my shoe good and my foot came out. I could hardly get on and get going on flat ground much less a 35%incline, so very angry I climbed the first hill on foot!!! I was so bummed. At the top though I got back on and was in business. I ended up with 1:20 min for my time. So if you take into consideration the fact I couldn't get on to begin with, then I came off, walked the hill, and it was pouring cats and dogs, I probably got close to my exact training time which was about 1:11. So I guess I was pleased. I saw so many people crashing and getting road rash because of the rain. I was just glad I finished with no blood.

Brandon, was a rock star he finished us up with the run in 27 min. He did great!

We had lots of fun and are ready to train for another!

Thanks to all of our cheerleaders for rooting us on!!!

Mom Wendy

My Mom, Dad and Matt

Holly and Jo

and Anna!!!