Sunday, April 19, 2009

HAIL STORM and much more....

One lovely thing about West Texas is Tornadoes! With T-Storms comes funnel clouds and HAIL.... We got him pretty hard on Thursday. I would try to post the video, but I don't know how! It came down for a while it was pilled in the yard. Nick's trucks to big to go in the garage, so it just got beat up which isn't fun at all. I guess that is just part of it. It was hilarious watching him run out and try to save the truck. He was trying to put blankets all over it! It was funny to see him risking getting hit in the head or slipping and falling, to get it covered. I don't blame him, but I wasn't about to go out there! Ee also got some pics with the puppies that I really loved so I added those in too!

On another note we started our Temple prep class today, and the spirit was VERY PRESENT! I was almost in tears the whole meeting. I am really excited about what is going to take place in this next month! I talked to Jessica later today, and she pointed out for me... anytime you are doing ORDINANCE work it becomes a very personal emotional thing. It as if I a revisiting all those emotions I felt at the Baptism and Conformation time a year ago. It is really amazing, I feel my testimony growing and growing. I love that. I feel so blessed to be in the Ward that we are with al of the amazing people that love and care about us. Everyone has just been so encouraging and giving of their time. We have people that volunteered to take care of our class while we are going to the temple class. I have been reading lots of material and scripture in preparation. I have really been learning a lot. I want to be as ready as possible, so I may be able to take it all in and learn what My Heavenly Father would have me too. I don't want anything holding me back from being exactly where he wants me to.

Isaiah 2:5 O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk in the light of the Lord.

I want to be in the light. I want my mind to be fixed on spiritual things. I want to walk so closely with the Lord that I am able to have him teach me continually what he would have me to do. Lead my every step! Rely on his strength to help me through challenges and sufferings.

I have had the opportunity to meet a girl who works as a secretary to our bishop in his actual earthly job. She is a tech student and she it one year younger than me. She is somewhat interested in the Church. We have only talked a little, but she seems AMAZING. I cannot wait for our friendship to continue... I hope that I am able to help her in anyway possible. Her and her boyfriend are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. Im excited!

Also tonight at 7pm we are trying to get everyone to stop and say a prayer for the Beasley Family. We need to pray for Keith's healing, and also strength for his precious wife, and other family members. If you could join us that would be great!!!!


Sherine said...

Can't wait for you to make it to the temple!

Your pic of the hailstorm is awesome.