Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Last night Nick took me to the TSO concert, and it ROCKED my socks off. I would recommend it to anyone!!!! It was really really good. Entertaining to all ages. The kid who was 5 loved it behind us, and the 70 yr. old in front of us as well! I cant even explain how great it was. I was head banging by the end of it. You wanted to get on stage with them and dance around!!! The really know the true meaning of entertaining!!!!
The singers were UNBELEIVABLE. Everyone had long hair, mostly died jet black so they could throw it around! It was great.
I would go again ANYTIME.
There was a singer by the name of Jeff Scott Soto who had the most amazing voice I have ever heard! It was just unreal! He reminded me of my nephew Jackson, personality and all. Okay mostly the hair and size. That wasn't the best picture, but it was all I could find of him! STUD! Look at the picture of them on stage and he was the one with the most hair!!!

Thank you soo much Nicky!!!! It was a perfect DATE!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My First Ticket!

Not fun whatsoever!!! I have been driving for 9 years, and I have never got a ticket, or been in any wreck that was my fault! A few weeks ago I got pulled over while I was on that pone with Nick. I was going 60 on a freeway that was under construction, so the speed limit was 45! I had no clue. The ticket was going to be $257 OUCH. I opted for defensive driving online and the $99 deferral fee. Consequently the last two days I have been doing that online. It isn't due until the end of February, but I thought I mine as well finish it! Then I won't have to worry about it. Talk about some common sense stuff!!! It's really boring!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


So the Holidays has been about a lot of splurging! But the one thing that I cannot seem to stop is eating THESE......
I just had my last two, and I am not buying ANYMORE! I am off to the gym now with cinnamon breath!!!! ;o)

Nick's in the DOG HOuSE~~

Yesterday we bought the dog's a dog house. We brought it home and Nick began putting it together. We bought the door that goes on it to block wind and rain if need be. He screwed it all on. When it was all done, we were ready to teach them to go in it. We put some treats in the dog house hoping that they would smell them and go in after them. It didn't quite work that way so Nick decided he would lead them in!!!!! It worked the pups were going in and out in no time!!!!
The best part of it is, I now know Nicky fits in the dog house!!!!! You better be a goood boy!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hate to be bias, but you always think your kids are cuter than others. I think mine are pretty cute!!!! What do you think? Great posers as well!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

We woke up on Christmas morning to our sweet pups wanting to help us open our gifts. Nick's Mom sent us the COOLEST sign. It goes perfect in our home!!! I got Nick some cozy slippers. He got me some of the Nike's that hold the pedometer things that integrated to our IPOD. Not to mention "Barbie Style" running shoes! We had stayed up so late the night before. We were rolling and braiding our cream rolls. We baked them first thing Christmas morning. Everyone loved them. Our Family arrived around nine. we did waffles, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Everyone was already full from the cream rolls though. The guests included my Dad and Mom. Nan, my Mom's mom was there. My great grandma who is 95. My aunt Donna, Uncle Mike, and cousin West. My brother Matt, and his girlfriend Edite. Then also Grandmother too.

The meal went off with perfection!!!! We has so many good things! Spiral Honey Ham, Mom's Mashed potatoes, rolls, and pies!
Nick and I made...
Corn, Green Bean Bundles, Deviled Eggs, Cranberry Sausage Stuffing, Relish Tray, Jello fruit walnut salad .
We exchanged gifts while the food was cooking.

Mom and dad got Nick a sushi making kit, a YOUR THE BEST PLATE that my Mom make to be like the one we had when I was growing up! I can't wait to use it. They gave him a skiing helmet. Also a the Slanket. The blanket jacket thing. Its pretty nifty!
They got me a hemet and goggles. A turbie towel which I love those! A good tea cup and a Black leather Coach! I don't have a picture of that but I will post one. It's nice. Thank you MOM and DAD!

We got them a waffle Iron, like we one Nan gave us as a wedding gift, which we use every Sat!
We also did the Chinese Christmas exchange! That's just always a lot of fun! Nick got the cash money, and I got the Hot rock massage kit! I can't wait for one of those!!!

We had such quality family time. I was a great memory of our first Christmas as The Sorensen family!

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve we woke and took Vixen and Maverick to the vet. I needed my cousins help! They are too big to hold both of them and Nick had to work a little that morning. After that we ran around and got beds, kennels, toys, food, brushes, shampoo, nail clippers, treats, collars, leashes, and tags. Then we went back to the house to play lots! That night went to my Dad's Mom's house. We call her my Grandmother. She made a pot roast, cheese grits, fried oysters, and much more. I helped her do an apple cake, and finished wrapping her presents. We ate dinner and opened our gifts as we watched the Tabernacle Choir concert. It was a great time! Then we had to hurry home to our babies!

Nick's Birthday and TWINS!

We he had fun on Nick's birthday. We didn't do anything super fun just spent time together. I made a brisket dinner and had some people over... Then the pups made it to town. We ended up getting two. At times we think we were crazy and out of our minds. Then other times it is the greatest thing ever for them to have one another!!!
We named the girl Vixen, after the reindeer. The boys name is Maverick. They are very sweet and Beautiful!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kadiza Christmas Party!

The party went great! We had lots of fun! I made a Honey Mustard Pecan Crusted Chicken and Pesto Artichoke Pasta with grilled veggies and garlic bread. Everyone seemed to love the food.

After we ate we did the Annual Christmas Photo Shoot!

Holiday from head to toe to finger tips!

We played Scatagories,and did Chinese Christmaas Exchange which was a blast! It was so funny even Holly got cut throat!!! Nick got a movies date basket with popcorn, movies and candy. I got something I had brought, which I really liked!

Hope everyone had a great time!!!! We did!