Monday, April 27, 2009


Tonight went really well. We had a couple from our ward over for dinner. They just had their first baby about three months ago... She is still so tiny and so sweet. She's precious! We made Grilled Chicken Pesto and Artichoke Rigatoni as the main dish. We had a green salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing homemade, Rep Pepper french bread, and the Famous Jello salad for dessert. It was great getting to know this sweet family a little better.  Thank You for Cummings! (that's their name)

Today we got lots done. I met a gal from first ward today at the gym. It seemed like we really hit it off. I definitely want to get together with them soon! Her husbands is in his residency here. Her in I have lots in common. We talked for probably half an hour. Thanks Jill.

We bought all sort of plants and flowers and we got them all planted, and Nick got them fertilized. We went with purples of course :0) and a little lime green plant. They really aren't looking that great yet... I might give them a week or so before taking any pictures! It was such a pretty day though, I am glad I got to get some sun! Even if it was bent over digging in the earthworms.


Britni said...

You have some mighty productive days. I need to start having those! I'm so glad we got to chat for a second today. I am looking sooo forward to seeing you guys! I have defiantly been missing my Natalie! :) See ya soon!

Melissa Wilson said...

Thanks for the invite, we'll get a sitter and we'll be there! What a fun home evening!