Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tough Day on the JOB

I love hair
I love making people look good
I love to make them feel good about themselves

I HATE Computers....

So here is how it goes.. I have owned my Salon for 4 YEARS now. When I bought the salon it had a computer already there. I replaced it shortly after. It was not the nicest computer, but it worked. It had so many problems. Knowing it was on its last leg I constantly thought of how I needed to get and external hard drive and get the software backed up! Well I didn't...
It was shot we lost everything. Client info, purchases, inventory, really everything!!!! I had tons and tons of work getting back up and running. Of course I was able to invest in a really nice computer. Of course I am a mac girl, but the salon software isn't MAC compatible. I ended up with a high end HP nice big flat screen monitor and all.

I walked into work yesterday and nothing the screen wouldn't turn on. The mouse or keyboard wasn't working. I freaked. Of course having the brand new NICE computer, i had not gone and got the external hard drive (even after hours and hours of work). I knew that meant BAD NEWS. Nick came up and looked at it, and tried all the things that I had, but still nothing.

I called Matt, because he is my computer dude, and he said try one thing if it doesn't work you out of luck.

We tried it... of course it didn't work. I am super excited about trashing a 4 month old computer, and go buy a new one. NOT
By the grace of God, we were able to take the hard drive out of the HP tower and put it into the new Dell ( yes of course I wouldn't go back to HP again) Who knows it may have just been a fluke... A power surge or something else.

As of this morning we are back up and running, and tickets, clients,product, transactions recorded. We have a nice new computer for the new salon coming next week! Not the best timing, but I am so glad to have my records all in tact. It is a business owners worst nightmare to be all electronic, and a virused PC...

We did here from the furniture company, and the stations, styling chairs, shampoo units, dryers, color trolleys, my office desk, should all be here end of next week. I cannot hardly wait. I just know everything is going to look AMAZING. I will have to do before and after pictures. Hopefully May 5th we will be up and running in the NEW SALON! I have a LOT to be thankful for!

These are my stations!


Britni said...

sorry about the computer troubles. mac needs to make salon software! I love the new stations!! Sure makes me miss working with you guys! Can I have my job back!? well maybe not it sure would be a long commute! haha Can't wait to see the finished product!