Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Plans

Little Nests:
1/4 cup butter (Mama bird melts in sauce pan)
1 cup marshmallows (baby bird measures and adds to melted butter, Mama bird stirs until melted smooth, then removes from heat)
1 cup bran flakes (baby bird adds to pan and Mama Bird coats it in marshmallow mixture)
coconut, dyed green
candy eggs
Shape 'em out, let them firm up a little, then eat 'em up!

I am going to attempt to make theses goodies for all the primary kids for Easter Sunday... I think that deserves an easter dress Nicky! lol That's FAIR!

I saw them on a freinds blog and just thought they we too cute! When I was a kid I always loved eating food that looked like something other than what it really was! We will give it a whirl!
On top of those 100+ treats, I am doing Strawberry Spinach Salad, Jello Fruit Nut Salad, and Devilled eggs for my family's easter Lunch. All while Nick is on his way back from Austin. Adam's Bachelor Party is his weekend! Hard to beleive... my first brother to get married! They will have fun that's for sure!

Domestic Lady here I come!!!


♥Shally said...

What a GREAT idea!

Thanks for sharing it!

I may have to make them for my sunbeams too.

Melissa Wilson said...

How cute! You are just so crafty--you'll be such a fun mom someday!