Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cake balls

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Wow these turned out good. They were a hit with everyone that I took them to...
Girls at work
My visiting teaching companions fam and people we taught
Mom and Dad
Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike
and most of all

Bake your cake
While hot add in a container of icing
Make into balls and freeze them
Melt the chocolate bark and add a little oil to thin it down some
roll the balls
place on foil
cool in fridge


I used red velvet and cream cheese icing (lots of peoples fav)
Confetti cake with buttercream icing (this was Nicks fav)


joeAMANDAcolemolly said...

YUM! I'm going to try your combo - sounds so good. I made them once and it's a lot of work... it took me forever. But now I'm forgetting all that and just want to make them again. :)

Nick and Natalie said...

They took 4 hrs. I made 48 of them !!!! But I didn't have anything else to do while watching football