Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Funny story...

Nick and I both had come from bad relationships when we started dating....

We were both very hesitant to let ourselves fall in love, and get hurt most of all.

We had known each other since I was 12 and he was 18... but it didn't really matter. We both had issues trusting another person, and even trusting ourselves about how we feel towards another.

We knew that deep down one another were great people, and had been all those years.. but it was still tough. It was tough to put yourself out there, even if it would end up that we were perfect for each other.

We had this ideal picture in our minds of what we wanted our marriages to be like... We were going to be sure that we had that for the rest of our lives, if we made such a commitment.

We hit things off in the beginning like we had known each other for years and years... OH WAIT we had. Try 9.

One day, after only dating a few months, we were diving through the Canyons when I was up visiting. We were talking about our future and our feelings towards one another. We had so much to work out ...

Location... He was building homes up there, and I owned a salon here
Religion ... I grew up Baptist, and he was a CRAZY Mormon
Timing... Both were scared to death about getting serious with someone

It seemed as if nothing was working in our favor.

But we were falling hard, and knew it. We could feel it happening.

The subject of marriage came up.

I was telling him about all the people I knew getting married 7.7.07 THAT WAS THE DATE FOR WEDDINS!!! You all remember...

We then were discussing what we wanted it to be like. We shared both the fear of failure in marriages these days, and how we never wanted that to be us. That we would be married for the rest of our lives so we better choose wisely!

I remember Nick saying, "I think we should at least date for 3 years before thinking of marriage. I totally agreed! I said, " I have done the whole when you know you know... and was WRONG !!!! ( I had been engaged, and broke it off) I thought it would at least take that long for me to prove to myself that I trusted my instincts again.

So he then said jokingly... "If you get lucky... Maybe I can figure my crap out, and we can get married 9.9.Oniner!!!!!" Just like that!

I woke up this morning thinking about it... So I told Nick... Aren't you glad we didn't wait till YOU were READY to get married.... It would have been today! ;o)

We sure have had such a great time being together this last year +++
We would have missed out on some great times!!!

I love you honey.... Thank you for picking me to be the lucky woman that gets to be by your side through out Eternity!

Happy 9.9.09 I'll never forget it...


Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Hey! Catching up on your blog. I LOVE all your pictures in all your recent posts. Congrats on your salon. And, this was a cute story!

shelby said...

That's a really cute story!!! :)

Haley said...

thats a great story!!! there would have been a lot of celebrating going on that day but i'm glad you didn't wait!!!