Thursday, July 2, 2009

My sweet FAITH

Wendy and I got to have girls slumber party and girls day today!!! My little cousin faith is in visiting from Colorado for the fourth. We got to...

 sleep in
 play with the dogs
eat french toast and drink smoothies
Sing to Mamma Mia
Have a Mani Pedi
A bubble bath in a "MONSTER" tub
A hair cut
Lunch at Chickfala (thanks Wendy)
Swim at the kids Waterpark
And lots of snacks!!!!

Sounds like a pretty good day! WE HAD LOTS OF FUN!
After our makeover we had a little photo shoot... Here's a little of what we got


Jess said...

That black and white picture is amazing!! I love it. She's precious. So, after that kind of a day with such a cute girl, how baby hungry are you?? :)

Holly Hunt said...

so precious!