Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bedroom

 Sorry it took so long, but I am finally getting pics up of our  bedroom. It was fun to do. Glad Mom in law came so I actually finished it! I know a crazy color choice, but I am just crazy like that! I love having the bright wall!!! It also just has a simple modern feel! It really seems like me! 
YES... No TV!!! I know i know... I just feel like that is not what your suppose to do in your bedroom!!! I read a statistic one time about marriage and TV's... I almost died! I decided then I would never have a TV in my bedroom. I told Nick of this right when we started dating, and he was completely on board.  There is so many other FUN things for the bedroom to keep you busy!!! Like reading scripture and sleeping.... ;o) ;o) :o) We like it!

Enjoy the tour!


Benavides said...

How Fun!!
I love those colors!! They are some of my favorite!
Come decorate my house!! haha.

Amanda said...

THis made me laugh! You are too cute. We sleep a lot in our bedroom too. :)

It looks so great - I need your help here!