Thursday, July 16, 2009

more photoshop!!

Nick left for Dallas tonight, he has a business meeting in the morning. I decided to take advantage of his time away and be a computer junkie.... I just realized the cd of the images from our wedding would be a great way to practice my editing skills, and mess around in photoshop! These are lots of fun...At least I am starting out with a photo that is actually shot right. None of mine are quite there yet. I will miss you Honey... Hope your meeting goes well!

LOOK the little seagull!

The view of our wedding site...


Amanda said...

These are beautiful- as are you! I wish we could have gone to your wedding... I could so use a beach vacation!!

Benavides said...

Well maybe you will just have to hurry up and get pregnant too!! Haha. Thank you for your sweet comments :) We are so excited!