Wednesday, July 22, 2009


 I did mean to document this experience ... We had plans to go to Dallas the weekend before we went to Hawaii for a friend of Nick's birthday party. It was very fun. We got there late and it was raining, but I was still going to take pictures of everyone. It's not often that everyone is all together. I reached into my purse as soon as we got there to take a few, and it wouldn't tun on. I looked in the battery slot, and NOTHING!!! DOn't you hate that. I had it all charged up and waiting. Bummer. Someone did take a few though, and I stole them from facebook. Not super clear but better than nada. While we were in Dallas we got to sty with my friend Britni and her Hubby Dax. They have a precious little boy Rilan. He is such a stud!!! We had a great time catching up, it has for sure been a while. She told me this week that she is pregnant and it is due near my birthday! That would be great! We will see... I can't wait to meet the new little Hardage!!!

                Doty "T-Do" Ryan "Ryno" BIRTHDAY BOY MATT "Mallet"  "Hubby" Ross the "Haus"

                                                      TARA, NIKKI, ME, AND MATT

On our way out of town we had to stop at the Dallas Temple. I hadn't ever seen it before. It was beautiful! The weather wasn't so much. I wanted pictures so bad, so I rolled my jeans up and went barefoot across the lawn. I snapped a few and ran right back to the truck. I was really wet, but well worth it. We went to the DC there to stock up, and the lady that helped us was so sweet. She was a mess, but definitely made it a light-hearted good first experience for us. It was fun!