Friday, July 31, 2009

The Drive Home! (with the new baby)

We stopped a few times early on just to make sure she was holding on tight!!! Everything was good we made it home in 14 hours... not to bad with all of our potty breaks we did. 

It's lots of fun riding in the car with my husband!!! I really enjoy the time I have with him ALL to myself. Thanks Honey!

Once again, beautiful trip all the way home! Since we got home we have been going on a nightly drive in the Jeep, and I am loving it!!! Put me on a headband and I am good to go!!! 

My first car when I turned 16 was a Jeep as well... I know aww.... It was meant to be!
I really forgot how much I loved hoppin' in the jeep and cruising around on a summer night! Listening to the best of Michael Jackson (thanks Adam)  Super romantic! We are weird, in case you are new to our blog BEWARE!!!!!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

How weird that we both drove to Utah to get a Jeep last weekend!

Sherine said...

Oh I love the angles you are getting on your pics. That jeep has been through it all!