Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding Planning!

Well we have almost got all the invitations out, and now we are on to planning the Reception. What location at the resort that we should have it. Choosing the decor that you can bring in a suitcase! wow what a challenge! Everything at the resort I either don't like or is waayy expensive. I am racking my brain to think of easy small light ways we can decorate. I think I have found the perfect idea. We are picking out the Menu to be served at the five course sit down dinner. Pick a cake. Pick the seating and prepare place cards. All of this fun stuff! My dress is going to be here in about three weeks, so I am looking at dates that Brittany can take my bridal pictures. We finished our registries. I beleive my shower is going to be on August 17th. I am excited, I know that it will be great. Trying to get all the names and addresses to give to the hostesses, so that they can get them sent out. Alot harder to do that than the Wedding invitations, because we kept it so small. I will be a big shower. Lots of my clients want to come, and I grew up here so we know lots of people! It will be a great time. Thats the work for this week. I am having fun though! Everyone keep checking out our site. I have been updating it regularly.


♥Shally said...

I loved planning my wedding too-- some stress out, I just thought it was SO much fun!!!