Monday, July 7, 2008


I haven't talked much aboout my experience with the Church over the last 6 or 8 months, but it has been really amazing. God sent an incredible woman into my path. She would make a difference in my life that would be unforgetable. Her name is Sister Jessica Swensen. I met her in January, and almost immediatley we became friends. I was drawn to her because of her love for the Lord, and her willingness to do his work full-heartedly. She is a STRONG person. She has a very powerful testimony that was life changing for me. She lived it out in a way that it affected me so directly. I can't even tell you how divine it was that her God given talents and strengths she was blessed with were able to meet my needs over the time she spent here in Lubbock. She left me notes on my car or mailed them to me lots of times, but it just always seemed to be on days I needed encouragement the most! I know that Heavenly Father is so PROUD of all the work she has done sharing the Gospel to so many in SUCH a powerful way over the last 17 months! She is so filled with the spirit anyone could spot it from a mile away right on her face! She left about one month ago, and I cannot tell you how much I have missed her. I know she is still going strong and I cannot wait till I can talk to her whenever I want about Whatever I want!!!! Sounds kinda selfish huh? It's the truth though, I can't wait just to be normal friends for the rest of our lives! She is coming to our Wedding, so I will see her in Sept. and cannot hardly wait! I know we will be talking quite alot when she gets released in about five weeks... I believe! Much thanks goes to SIS JESS for all that she has done for me and many others! I love her! here is a Pic of her last Sunday here!