Monday, July 21, 2008


Nick and I decided to make Lubbock, Texas our home for now! I am very excited. I think he is too. Maybe just because I am here, probably not any other reason. It's not because of lots to do, or the veiws! ;o) I cannot wait!!! Less than two weeks now, and we will get to see eachothers faces every day....


1. I love than more than I ever thought was even possible for HUMANS.

2. He makes me smile just looking at him. (I smile the whole time I am with him. I am gladly preparing for a permenant grin on my face!)

3. He is an amazing exsample to me of how to be always striving to be more like Christ. His actions are a mirror of what is in his heart. He is sooo unselfish. Believe it or not, I am improving. I want to be more like him.

4. We like to do all the same things. (except hunting, I haven't ever tried it. He likes it. That means I will too!)

5.He makes me laugh even more in person than on the phone.

6. Speaking of that one, On the phone, NO MORE!!!! No more laying in bed at night on the phone for hours. It gets old.

7. I will have a gym buddy!!! ALAS!!!!

8. I get to cook dinner for more than one, and not eat out alone!!!!

9. He brings out the best in me. Many will say I am a better person all together when Nick is around. I am just Happy. I never worry about things. I dont freak about anything. I just relax, because he always watches out for us. He just takes care of things.

10. We are BEST FRIENDS, and we make it through life together. We are team that works together perfectly. (it's tough when your teammate is 950 miles away)
I like holding hands with my teammate!

Those are probably not even the TOP reasons, but those are the first 10 that came to mind.
We are leaving to drive to Texas after the shower up there. I can't wait to spend 16 hours aLONE with the love of my life! We will talk the whole time too. I don't like to ride in the car quiet. He says it doesn't bother him that I am Chatty Cathy. We will see, 16 hours of it, might change his mind.


♥Shally said...

Ahhh... young love...

Nice new template, by the way!

Natalie said...

IT"S the wedding COLORS!! yeah!