Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is what I feel like today. I am having the toughest time not being with NICK! I have saved lots of things to do this weekend so I wouldn't be just sitting around. As it seems though, I can't even get those things done. I am madly in love with the greatest guy that has ever walked earth, and i MISSS him. My heart hurts! I could hardly sleep at all last night. It doesn't help much to talk to him, it just makes us both go crazy. I wish I could be in a time machine, and just make all the time pass. He went to St. George this weekend to play in a softball tourney. I am glad he did that! It's much better to stay busy. I don't want to be around anyone but him. Nothing can take my mind off of him for a second! My parents are cooking out tonight, so that will be good. I just want to see him smile! I love you Nick!!!


Brittany Strebeck said...

thanks for the blog love! we should talk bridal portrait dates :)