Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I made it through the last weekends apart with no major break downs... Well maybe in my mind. Nick might think something different. I think I only cried three times... I tried to stay busy. It didn't work all that well, I was still miserable. I made it though. My weeks fly by, because I am SO busy at work. It is hard to really think about anything else.... OH WAIT every client wants to know all about Nick, the house, wedding plans.... Thats pretty much all I think of and talk about. I do love what I do though, and at the end of the day I don't get to see Nick which is stinky. I get the satisfaction of making people look really good. I think if it wasn't for that I would have had a break down... ;o)

How I stayed busy this weekend!!! I colored my hair alot!!!! It's ok I know what I am doing!!!! I was going for a more natural Gisele look. Big change from my what I can "playboy bunny" hair. Kinda a work in progress. I think I decited to go about half way for the wedding and winter time do more that complete look!

so right now we are getting to here... maybe. That was my decision this weekend!

I will try to do my before and afters later today!!!! Hair is amazingly fun!!!!
Nick pointed out to me, not all people can visualize what someone else's hair will look like on you like I can.
So for you that are like that, I'll make it easy, I can do the pictures of me!! stay tuned!!!!


Ms. 122 said...

glad you survived! i know how hard it can be, i have only seen mr. 122 for six hours in the past month. we're hoping we'll get to see each other this weekend, but with the navy you never know...

can't wait to see the new hair!

♥Shally said...

Can't wait for the before and after's! I think it will look GREAT.

Britni said...

im excited for you and Nick, and to see your new hair! oh and I hope I don't get too addicted to this! haha