Monday, January 19, 2009

They are growing fasst!!!

The puppies are doing so good. They are really starting to mind and listen to the commands we give. We are just trying hard to be consistent and a stern. WE ARE THE PACK LEADER! We are trying all of the Dog Whisperer tips! It is amazing how well they respond!
They are really growing fast. I thought that just this week they got tons bigger. I think they weigh about 20 Lbs each.

Last night Nick had to fly to Utah for some business things. While he was packing yesterday he asked me if I was going to let the dog sleep with me in our bed... I told him I didn't know. We will see...

We watched a movie last night and they were being so good, I knew I was not going to be able to put them in the kennel. I told Nick I was going to have to try it...
I got ready for bed and they laid there and watched me until I came to bed. Within 5 seconds, they were settled snuggled up to me. They didn't move all night long. Normally we get them up by 6:30 or 7. At 7:20 they still hadn't moved. It was hard to get them up. I am thinking they liked sleeping with Mommy!!! It made it lots better than being alone when Nick's gone.

We have 2 more nights until Daddy kicks them out!!!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Cute jeans in the 1st picture. What kind?

Holly Kolb said...

The pups are so cute. I was really pleased with how our pictures turned out. Can't wait to show you the rest tomorrow at work!

Jackie said...

LOVE your pups they are too cute!!

I would love to know where your jeans are from too?