Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve

A couple from church, Melissa and Joe, had a get together at their house on NYE. Derrick and Rachel, and Dave and Chelsea were also part of the festivities. They all have two children, although one of those is still in the tummy! We all brought different kinds of snacks, and soda. We ate and got to know each other, well we got to know them better yet. They are all really great people. We found out that Melissa, Rachel, and I have birthdays three days in a row!!! We decided it would be a great idea to have a big birthday bash!
What better way to ring in the New Year.....

Then playing Wii till 2:30 AM OUCH!!!!!
We played all the sports, but ended out the night with a battle of the SEXES! Te prize at stake was if the girls won, we got a group picture on the tripod. If we lost it was an all girl pic.
Here is what we got with much deserving great effort!
It was lots of fun nevertheless. Everyone thought it was hilarious to watch Nick and I almost kill each other in a boxing match!
We are the only couple though who hasn't gone and bought a gaming station! We really thought it would be best for our marriage, to only engage in this extreme competition occasionally when invited over to a friends house.
NOTE: Nick fits in the dog house, but he can run MUCH faster than me!

Here are some of everyone else...

Rachel and Derrick strategically placing those punches...

Chels and Dave going at it.

Chuck Norris and Jack Black our fighters!!!

Nick and Derrick in a serious round!!!

Last but not least Melissa and Joe hashin' it out!
Great times you guys. Can't wait to beat the guys next time!!!
It had to have been my injured baseball arm... I am full strength next time! ;o)


Hillary Dunham said...

I have got to get one of those! I hear everyone has them and they love them! My mom offered to get us one for Christmas and I said that I wanted the controller to stay out of our kids's hands for as long as possible, but now I'm thinking we needed one for the adults! Fun times!

The Ashdowns said...

I just got through telling Melissa that it looks like you guys had fun! I'm jealous! :P Maybe next time we'll have to join in! :)