Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who left me sweet messages about my talk. Thanks to all the people who told me in person, and to the one who left a sweet treat on our door step! It makes you smile when people are so kind and thoughtful! Nick and I had a super fun day yesterday hanging out and getting stuff. I took a great nap laying on his chest during an episode of The Dog Whisperer. That is our new fav show! The puppies are doing great! They got their 12 week shots yesterday, and the vet said they look great!!! We were worried they were a little thin, but he said they looked ideal for a wiem! That made us feel good! Our vet told us of a Weimaraner trainer that is right outside of Lubbock. We called and left him a message, hopefully we can set up a time they will go off too school. At least we will be able to visit a lot with them being so close!


Lori said...

I am the mom of the curly haired girls you commented about. I truly enjoyed ready your conversion and wish you all the best. My son just turned in his mission papers and he is so excited to share the gospel with others. I am nervous for him and I will miss him considerably, but reading your testimony helps put everything in perspective. Good luck to you. BTW I am Derek Eddie's cousin.

Wendy said...

i loved your talk. it inspired me.wendy