Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last night

Last night was lots of fun. A while back we had planned a get together. My parents, Nick and I, Our bishop and his wife Melissa, and His second counselor and his wife Karen. We couldn't get it all quite coordinated. Last night worked for everyone. We went to Manna Bread and Wine a restaurant we hadn't ever been before. IT was really amazing food. I had a pork tenderloin stuffed with elk and a chipolte cherry sauce. I loved it. Nick had a dish called Wild Hog German Schnitzel. I thought it sounded NASTY, But it actually turned out not that bad! The bread was great, and the salad was good. The best part was this coconut cake we had for dessert.... YUMMMYYY so moist! I loved it. the restaurant had a really great cozy atmosphere too.
The topic at dinner was every one's story of how they met!!! It took the whole two hours!!! Everyone had such a good story. Each couple's were all so different. All really sweet and special. It was funny. We laughed the whole night! I think we all had a great time.
When we got home I finally gave Nick his hot rock massage. He had to wait quite a while.. I hope it was well worth the wait. He seemed to like it!
This morning was crazy I was running late because I coun't find my keys, and my phone is messed up and not charging. I couldn't take it with me because it was almost dead. I made it to work on time though. Everyone at the salon is going to be crazy busy today.. That is a good thing though!!!!! HAPPY SATURDAY!!!


Natalie-Bo-Batalie said...

can i just say i am so glad you have the song linger on your blog?? haha i havent heard that song in forever! I just left your blog up while i did homework and jammed out. haha.
also i love your scarf in the doggie picture! your dogs are beautiful!