Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Day

We had a party at our house New Years Day.
The day consisted of lots of football, relaxing, dog training, and fun!
We decided to cook the long awaited TUR-DUC-HEN.
Anyone wondering what that treat is???
It is a boneless duck, stuffed inside a boneless chicken, stuffed inside a semi-boneless turkey. Then all topped off with a creole dressing/stuffing.
I liked the turkey more than I like a regular turkey. It was much more moist and tender. The duck was capital D for Disgusting. All in all it's not something I will ever crave, but would make again.

Thanks to everyone that came to our house to bring in the first day of 2009 with us!!!
Also, Happy New Year from MAVERICK!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

I love the new blog layout and picture!!
Happy 2009.
Duck...I second you...GROSS!!

♥Shally said...

Ewww! That does not sound appealing! :)

How are your puppies doing?

Holly Kolb said...

I love the new page layout! So cute! Yeah I've had duck also and it's pretty disgusting! Glad ya'll had a good time though.

Derek, Jill, and Boys said...

Your blog looks great! Happy New Year to you guys.

Dave & Chels said...

Thanks for letting us try your tur-duc-hen! I only had the turkey because that was all I wanted, but it was great. I'll take your word on the duck.
We've got to have another wii night sometime. That was some good times.