Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ABC's of me!

Always like to be on time.

Brave. I am not scared to do anything. This worries my mom a little.

Constantly planning. Even if it doesn't happen that way. I still liked thinking of the plan. Also Creative.

Drives like a granny. Thank for teaching me that Dad!

Everyone's friend. I try to be.

Follower of My Savior Jesus CHRIST! and Future mom! I cant wait

Goal setting.

Hair stylist! It is fun!!!


Just doesn't get mad. Just SAD! Ask Nick.

Kinda like cake... OKAY OKAY OKAY I REALLY like cake!!!

Lactose intolerant. Not fun. Soy is my friend.

Mommy of Vix and Mav.

Nick's LOVER!!! ;o)

Original. I like to be different. Ride the short bus mostly....

Primary teacher. I really love those kids. Who wouldn't???

Quick to want to fix someone's problems or cheer them up!

Really likes to workout.

Super duper Strong... Ok really just more that most girls. I like to know that if a guy tried to mug or rape me. I could kill them with my fist!!! I would also poke them in the eyes really hard! I have really thought about this a lot! I took a class in Krav Maga (isrealan self defense) It was halarious, but did make you think of how to react in a scarty sitiation instead of just freaking out!

Tv shows... My fav Biggest Loser. Sadly we are watching Bachelor and that silly one that comes on afterward.

Upset when people don't do what they say they are going to.

Very picky eater. Not too proud of this one.

Wife and always trying to be a better one!

Xcellent cook... Nick told me that one.

Young. I had to cause I tell Nick he is old all the time!! ;o)

Zealous for life!!!

TAG! Britni, Haley, Shally, Courtney, Chels, Holly, Amanda, and Melissa