Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weimeraner Puppies

I got a call from my Uncle Last night. He said that a lady from the Hospital's son is coming into town at Christmas with little Weimy puppies! He has males and females!!!
Nick and I have been thinking of one for a while, but just haven't completely decided. I just kinda thought it was a sign! So we will see.. He said he is still thinking..
The guy gets here on Nick's Birthday! How perfect is that!!! We might be parents for the first time to a grey BABY. Se how precious they are!!!


♥Shally said...


Zach wanted one of those in the worst way-- but we just couldn't do a puppy, It would have put us both over the edge!

You guys TOTALLY can though! Too bad you don't live closer and my kids could come play with it! :)

Melissa said...

those dogs are beautiful. i love their eyes.