Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Little Helper!

Last night I was busy making my favorite treats of the holiday time!!! FUN STUFF. I went to the grocery store not knowing what I was going to make... NOT a good idea. I bought tons of unnecessary things. But I settled on
Old Fashion Peanut Brittle
Sweet and Salty Haystacks
Heath Bar Nut Clusters
Thumb Print Sugar Cookies
I bought because I just can't out do them!
Nick approved he said the the CHOCOLATES were a 10. He knows chocolate! I am not a huge fan.
The Peanut Brittle my favorite.. and I have done better.... You really have to learn your microwave, because I do the MICRO Brittle. It's easy to make it, but hard to master... I had it down at my mom's house. I'm just not quite perfect at our new house. I needed to make like three batches and I just didn't want that much, because I WOULD EAT IT ALL!!! It's the Holidays Splurge GO ahead, But you will puke if you eat 3 batches of brittle. I am out of control with that stuff!

The canisters I got at Big Lots for 99 cents!