Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am most thankful for my husband who makes me laugh. It is really fun, even though sometimes I don't feel like laughing. I still want to it is sure lightens the mood!

I am thankful for the Christmas Holiday and what it means to each of us that know our SAVIOR. I love that you are able to share that more in this time of the Season. I hope it radiates off my face.

I am thankful that we are close to done getting the house ready for having everyone over Christmas Day. We already have our puzzle to do and everything.

I am glad we are getting to go to Oklahoma City this weekend. We are going to one of Nick's buddies from college's wedding. I can't wait to meet all the K-State guys, I only know a few of them. I know it will be lots of fun! Hope to have safe travels. It is so fun to be in the car with Nick. We just laugh A LOT!

I am thankful for the weather this week it has really felt like Christmas!!!! I LOVE IT

Also my canvas for the mantle came it and it is PERFECT. We really like it!
The candles are a little tall but after Christmas they wont be there, so it will be great.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

the canvas is gorgeous. i LOVE it.

Britni said...

the canvas is beautiful! Have fun and be safe this weekend!

Haley said...

i love it!!! it's like a little shrine to n & n.

beautiful and so fun!!!!