Monday, December 15, 2008

The Doty Wedding

This weekend was Tim and Amber Doty's wedding. He played baseball at K-State with Nick. They live in Oklahoma City Edmond Area. Many of the guys Nick played with and their wives were there. I was a be to get to know some of them better. I have heard many storied of all of them. It was good to put a name to a face! After the wedding reception. We went to Dinner with Matt and Nikki. It was lots of fun. We went to BRAVO Italian Cucina. I didn't really like what I ordered, but the salad and bread was delicious! We changed and met up with everyone at the Fox and the Hound. We told stories, laughed, and played a mean game of checkers! GOOD TIMES!

Nick and one of the twins. He lives in the Dallas, Area with his wife Tara.
Chad from Kansas City, and I am terrible... can't remember her name.
This is NICK and NICK. He is Nick Selfo. But we really call him CRAZY. It's ironic because he isn't crazy at all. He is the nicest most polite guy in the world! I really enjoyed him. Nick is in his wedding in May. We get to go down to Louisiana. I can't wait. His fiance wasn't able to make it this weekend. She must be great. I am excited to meet her!
US of course!
Matt and Nikki they live in Southlake. I had spent time with Matt a few times, but I finally got to meet Nikki and that was SUPER FUN! We are going to make a visit to them in March hopefully.
Not the best picture, but this was EVERYONE!
I was really bad and didn't take any at the wedding while we were all dresses up BUMMER. I don't even have one of the bride and groom. But that just means I cant wear that dresses again soon! :o)


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. As always, your hair looks gorgeous!

Lynds said...

Your husband looks just like Zack... It is crazy!!! I would love to try that peanut brittle recipe (if its not a family secret)...Thanks for leaving a comment. I come and browse your blog a lot and now... I can leave comments and you will know who I am:)