Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Nicky!

Today is Nick's Birthday. I just got done making him breakfast. I made his favorite sausage and eggs to go. He was running a little late. I have two clients, and then I am going to come back home and start my brisket on to cook. It should take about 4 to 5 hours. So it should be done at the perfect time to eat dinner. We are having some of my family over to "make the snakes" for his birthday night. That's why I decided on a brisket, jalepeno bean, Ginger Snap Sweet potatoes, I had wanted to make on Christmas. We just had so much other stuff, I just didn't think we needed it.

Now, back to these snakes. Nick's family has a tradition of making the SECRET family recipe Creme Rolls at Christmas time. I have heard so much about them from everyone. I couldn't even see them be made before we were married! It's a BIG deal.
Nick and I planned on making them for his birthday and taking them to family, friends at church, and our neighbors. I thought they can't be that hard... anything tastes good with four sticks of butter! Nick's told me they are really worth a tummy ache. If i et a whole one I would be on the floor crying. I have become more and more sensitive over time. There is 48 oz of HEAVY CREAM! YIKES
Well, Nick copied down the recipe, and we got to it kinda late last night, because we were still picking up from all the company. Let's just say it all went good till I look back and Nick has put all the dough and liquids in the mixer at once and it is way to much! He turned it on and butter and yeast was flying out everywhere!!!! All you could do was laugh! Way to break in the mixer. Your suppose to make a mess with that thing!!!! We still managed to mix it somehow, and we will see if it turns out at all!
I grocery shopped for 2 hours yesterday. I went to wal-mart which is brave I know. I was just going to save so much money. The Sparkling Cider where I normally go is $6.39 and at Walt-mart it was $2.02. THAT IS CRAZY! All in all, I know I saved lots of money, and my patience was tested. I am proud to say I made an A. It was freezing yesterday as well. The loading all the bags wasn't fun in 23 degree weather with blowing wind that cuts right through your bones! I made it home still alive!!! With all of this....

Last i leave you with this. I am the most blessed woman in the world to have the Husband that I do. Who's good traits are too many to list. He loves me and cares for me so deeply. We have had fun getting to know either one more over the last few months. I think he is starting to think my Dad was right! I am hard to live with, and I am spoiled. I think he still loves me though! He makes me smile when I wake up and every night before bed. I cannot wait for many more days and years of happiness with him. He is my rock! He keeps me grounded. I think to myself everyday, I hope that I give my Nicky everything he needs. I hope that I am everything he has ever wanted. In our relationship I would say exactly what I wanted, but he would just let me be me. I know he fell for the 'me' I was, and I hope he fall more deeply in love with her as the days go by. I am thankful to Nick's Mom and Dad, as well as his family for bringing him up to be exactly what he is today. He has two really great role models of how to be a man, husband, and father, thanks to Brandon and Zach. He also has a really great friend who is always there for him because of Annie. That is a part of what makes him who he is. I am thankful for all of you!

I love you, I hope you have a PERFECT DAY!


♥Shally said...

Cream Rolls are tough the first time! I got made fun of because my braiding skills were not up to par the first time I made them! :)

You will be a pro in no time!

Tell Nick Happy Birthday from us!

We really miss you guys...