Saturday, June 13, 2009


TIME FLIES! It has just  been a crazy SUMMER! It seems like it has been never ending FUN! 

I need to get all caught up. I have so many things to get blogged. We have been working on the house, the salon, having parties, lots of baseball, and training for a triathlon. That sounds like a lot!  Work has been crazy. I have been working late many nights. All the girls have been really busy too, which is great for summer! MUST be the new look around there! ;0) I need a whole weekend of computer time just to get it all done with all the posts I need to do! I WISH! 
Hopefully, I can a little this weekend. I don't think we have a ton going on. We want to go to the lake Monday, but we should probably get all caught up instead! We will see. Just finished the Sunday School lesson... yes I know fine time to be doing it!