Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a "CRAZY" wedding!

A while back we went to Lafayette  for Nick and  Adrienne Scelfo's wedding. What a great time we had there. It was my first time down in the Cajun neck of the woods. I loved it. His family, and everyone we met down there were so incredibly nice! It was gorgeous and green everywhere. It really wasn't nearly as hot as I thought it would be, from the stories Nick has told me about playing in Mississippi. The food was so good everywhere we went. It was great fun hanging out with all the college baseball guys. They really have a an amazing friendship that can never be broken. The groom's name is Nick, but back in college he acquired the name Crazy. Of course when I hear of this guy I am thinking the ultimate "college dude" baseball, women, and booze. I meet him and he greets me as Ms. Natalie, and sits there so politely and asks me how Nick and I met, and told us that he was soo happy for us... Confused as can be, I run back over to Nick, Wait Honey, "That is Crazy!" He said yes, he was only crazy once. He was doing the "Worm". It all made sense. He is great.

We did get to take him out the night before the wedding and see the Worm for old time sake! We had a blast. The Hawley twins were there again, Pat and his girlfriend Leah, Doty and Amber, and a few more. We spent lots of time laughing, and talking about those days of ball in college, okay maybe not all ball, but what they did when they weren't playing ball. 

It was the sweetest wedding. It took place at a very old Catholic Church. It was incredible, just spectacular architecture and history. The ceremony was quite special. The reception was so much fun. We danced the night away, My Nick was the HIT!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What great pics! I love a fun wedding. Looks like y'all had a blast!