Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The beautiful sunset as we were leaving.

The flowers on the Temple grounds. They were magnificent! Yes I really took these. Nick didn't believe me. I make him take me at night because
I wanted them to have a black background and no glare of the sun. I think they turned out great. I want a framed collage of these!
I have so many more pictures but I am trying to actually use Photoshop. If I don't learn now, I never will! I will just post them as I go...


Wendy said...

Natalie&Nick, I Love the pictures and you two look amazingly happy! It warms my heart- Natalie, the pictures are beautiful, you do a great job. I can hardly wait to see you both, I love you so much

Melissa Wilson said...

ohhh! I love them and can't wait for more! Jill said she will be out of town this weekend and that I should give you a big hug for her :)