Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super BOWL Sunday!

We had a great testimony meeting first thing at church on Monday!!! I really look forward to those! We had stayed up really late the night before watching a UFC fight. I thought I was going to fall asleep, but I didn't thank goodness. Then we came home and had a little nap time.
Holly my friend was having a Super Bowl Party. Our plan was to go over there until Half time, and then go to the party that my brother was at. We had lots of chips, dips, burgers,hot dogs, sausage, and cupcakes. Holly really did a lot! I kinda cheated my normal efforts... I bought it all nothing was homemade.
We of course were going for the under dogs, the Cardinals and it was an okay game! Really neither of the teams played like they wanted to win I thought! But the Steelers took it again.
Nick was in Tampa early this week, and went to the stadium. He really took that picture ...
Chloie, Jessica's little girl was the hit of the party. She is getting so big, and much more friendly!!!!


Britni said...

Aww look at little Chloie! She has gotten so big! Looks like you all had fun!