Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Shopping

Norstrom Rack was great.... We found the Seven's that are Nick's Favorite Cut. We got him to pair of those for 150 off... Can't beat it... We found a great Robert Graham shirt for 40. The another while wrinkle free Nordstrom brand like the ones he wears every Sunday. Then we went old school and got him some Lucky's like he always use to wear in college he said were his fav, just to wear around!
I had made a list of things I wanted before I left....
A brown Northface Jacket
Nike Work out Stuff
Sunglasses ( more to come on these)

I got a pair of sevens a little big, and with tons of stretch for Maternity... yes you heard me right... Hopefully it won't be too far away... You really can't pass up the Rack prices... You must plan ahead. I got another pair of Rock and Republics just like the ones I wear all the time, but with a button flap pocket. I love em. For those of you that know me, you know I love turtlenecks, always have.. they keep me all covered no worries. Last year I had gotten several from The Rack that held up great! When we went this time they had the same ones just a little longer in length... which is good for a bump too. They were TEN bucks!!! I got a hot pink, purple, and black.

Then the next day we went to the outlet mall. We went straight to Nike, and they had all my fav's I got
Running pants
Pink Hoodie top
Thin Baby blue top
Brown cold gear with thumb slots
Yoga pants
Running shorts
People ask why you would spend a lot on gym clothes. I just think it is part of it for me if I feel good comfy and cute .. I get motivated and I have a great workout!!! All that stuff washes great and lasts forever!!!!

Then to the sunglasses Nick has been telling me forever to get nice sunglasses that fit my face nice, and they will last forever. I was a buy 3 ten dollar pair every season and always loose and break them. I have never used a sunglass case. I am just really not that great at utilizing any case!!! Just ask Nick. I have looked and looked and looked. I just really didn't think there was a pair of shades that I felt like fit and looked good enough to justify so much money. We had gotten a gift card as a wedding present to a mall in Utah. We had that, and needed to use it while we were there! So Nick said go to a mall where you can use it , and look for shades. I went straight to a Sunglass Hut knowing that if I did change my mind I could take them bck in Lubbock, and get all the money back. Wendy, my MIL was with me, and she is like having a cheerleader just for you to hang out with all day. Every pair that I tried on she would say, "Those look good!" Then occasionally we would laugh at those monster big glasses that like GOGGLES! They are really getting big now!!! It's halarious! I finally tried on a pair that I really liked... I thought just get them you can always get a refund, and you need to use the giftcard. Nick was waiting outside for us. I bought them... Never in my life would I have thought I would have spent that much money on sunglasses. But I really think that I will enjoy them. It hardly feels like you have any on!

I think that was all we got... It was SUPER FUN


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Wow...what was the occasion?!?! Just a fun shopping trip? I'm jealous...and hoping I can take part this weekend with my MIL.