Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay really I have spent hours trying ot get these Park City pics up trying all different way. It has been taking up t0 five minutes to load four pics onto my page. I was so frustrated. I just couldn't take it anymore. I was looking into getting a Apple me account, and blogging through that. It will interface with my whole photo library and just simplify everything. Last resort I tried on my computer at the Salon, and poof what do you know it look 4 seconds to load four pictures. I did these from my photobucket account. Saved them and did them as ushual soo who knows.... but I promise I will get caught up. I thought it was Bloggers site, but that has been proven wrong.... grrr
Here are more of the trip!

We stayed at the Chateaux which was a really nice place it was great. The views and convenience we both amazing. We were right across that walkway from one of the main lodges. They have the coolest little German restaurant bar my Mom and I had found last year. Sat there for hours and just had a great time. We went back there the first day after skiing, and I had the BEST HERBAL TEA. It was splendid