Friday, February 13, 2009


My birthday was wonderful. Thank you for all of the warm birthday wishes!!! It made it very special! My husband was a dream. He pretty much always is though!!!
I have a lot to catch up on...

First off Park City/ Deer Valley Ski Resort trip.

We got there on a Thursday and got to go strait to the Draper Temple Open House. That was my first time to be on the inside of a Temple. It was amazing. I was so glad that we were able to see that before Nick and I did our endowments and our sealing. I am really looking forward to it. The temple was so beautiful! I was really glad that we got to go. I had seen the groundbreaking on it right when Nick and I started dating. Every time I went back they would have a little more and a little more completed. He had some family that lived right up by it, so we would always drive by really slow and see how it was looking.
Nick's Dad, Lupe, and Karen were able to go with us. Then afterward we went to the long awaited Cafe Rio! YUMMY THANKS PAPA BRENT!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

What a great experience. I had never been in a temple before taking my endowments out and getting sealed to Porter 3 days later. Well, I take that back...I was sealed to my parents when I was 12, but have no memory of the experience. So, I was NERVOUS. I'm glad you'll be a bit more calm and able to enjoy it a little more.