Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The next big game is coming up. It seems like everyone is going stir crazy in this town. We are trying to wait patiently. It's HARD. We are ready to beat these guys. It's a night game, so Nick and I decided to have a party! We just got the 52in. mounted on the wall! We have our built in surround sound hooked up and working now! WE ARE READY! I designated it SUPER BOWL style. Everyone bring tons of snacks and finger food. Just pig out! You can always yell louder on a full tummy!!! I think we are doing wings, and I will make some TECH cookies. Nick said he is going to make something CRAZY on the grill. He hasn't made up him mind yet what though! I know it will be good though! He is a MASTER on the grill! This past weekend we had company on Sunday, and Nick did Salmon on cedar planks. It was out of this world!!!
Ok so maybe, if you can, say a sweet little prayer for our little players to do their BEST! GO TECH!!!!!!!!!