Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, there are the days that you are a Red Raider fan, and then those that you are a STINKIN' PROUD RED RAIDER FAN!!!

That would be today!!!! WOWOWOW!!!!
Yes that is us ranked #2 in the AP poll!!!! Who would have ever thought!!!! I am sooo proud of them...
The game, what can I say. I have been going since I was a toddler, and I haven't ever seen a game even close to that good!
I went in wanting to beat Texas so bad as usual! I hate seeing that color orange! It makes me sick! ;o)
I knew that we had the potential to win, but we would have to step up and play with all of our ability. We did that the whole game. I was sooo PROUD.
Then it came down to the last quarter and UT scored with 1:28 on the clock.
My heart sank, and I could hardly breathe.
Nick kept asking me if I was OK, and I would just nod my head...
We didn't know what they were thinking when they were in field goal range and they didn't bring the kicker out...
We started to freak! Then he kept pausing and wouldn't throw. We just kept eyeing the clock...
Then he through the pass and we all yelled, "GET OUT OF BOUNDS!"
Instead he ran in for the touchdown!
We almost died! Nick and I leaped up on one another screaming like mad people.
I have never seen anything like the mad house the stadium was! It was the greatest thing to get to see!!!!
So much excitement and pride! What a great VICTORY!

I was trying to post some pics of the game from online, but since we got the MAC I haven't figured that out yet. :o(