Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting ready for TURKEY DAY!

I am excited for this Thanksgiving. Nick and I are driving to to our house in Colorado with my parents Wednesday Night. We are leaving in the afternoon, but it takes about 8.5 hours to get there. It is in Pagosa Springs. Well outside of there in the National Forest. Nick can't wait to scope it all out for our elk hunt next year!!! We are going to have a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. It will be about 12 people there! I am not thinking that we are going to get to ski. Not quite enough snow. I have a feeling that we will get some while we are there just like last year. It was fun playing in the snow with the kids. It made me remember many times when I was a child. We have some four wheelers and lots of land to cover. We have a pond that we can fish on. We might bring the fly rods and Nick teach me to fly fish in the river. There is really lots of things to do. Curl up by the fire and watch a movie with my Love!!! Pagosa is a great little town. It is very historical, and tons of cute little shops. I always like to go to town and get a Bear Creek BURGER! They are the very best!!!! We will go visit the hot springs, and get the sweet aromas of rotten eggs. But you still have to do it. Nick and I love being outdoors and experiencing all of nature we can! I am sure we won't be wanting to come home!

I hope that everyone has such a blessed Thanksgiving Day with all their families! Remember how many millions of things we have to be grateful for!!!!
I almost forgot!!! We FINALLY got out calling! I am sooo excited Nick and I were called to be 6 year old teachers!!!! We already know a couple of the kids who are that age! We are really excited. I know it will even give me a worse- ER case of Baby Fever! Everyone who knows me know I AM READY! I am being patient though! Well if you asked Nick he might say otherwise!!! I am probably driving him nuts!

What is your Turkey going to look like????


Britni said...

Hope yall have a good Thanksgiving! We will just miss yall. We are coming home Wed morning so we will be there early that afternoon. We need to get together soon! Anyway, yall be careful driving!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Wow, who's house is that? It is gorgeous? My husband might leave ME for YOU if he sees that thing. LOL. It seems we have a lot in common because we run off to the cabin in Utah to get away from civilization from time to time.

I can't wait to see pictures from the trip.

6-year-olds? Are you guys team teaching? How did you both get the same calling?

♥Shally said...

You will LOVE the 6 year olds! I sub for Jaxon's class all the time. That age is great. The kids are hilarious!