Friday, February 1, 2008

This was me today!

Today was just crazy. Somedays you want to just ask yourself, "What the heck am I doing this for?" Just everything going wrong. It started out great. I got up early. I ate breakfast talked to Nick and got ready. I went to Target to get some things, and found they had Cliff bars for 99 cents. Wow, that is great. I usually pay $1.59. I was quite ecstatic! I love to find a good deal. It went downhill from there. The salon has been a little nuts lately. Just seems like everyday something comes up. Just tough situations in business that you just have to deal with. I wish that I just made people beautiful all day, but that is'nt reality. I am not the best at handling those situations. I do not like confrontation, and really all the financial things overwhelm me at times. I let things get to me. I put so much pressure on myself and worry about them. Today was one of those. I was ready to leave! Now I need to go run it off! Tomorrow is a new day... It has to be better than today!


Shally said...

Hope your tomorrow was better!!

Holly Kolb said...

I love the picture with this blog. The perfect description of a not so good day!