Monday, February 25, 2008


On February 9th I left for Utah. That would be the day Nick and I would celebrate dating for one year now! The Best year of my life yet! I would say it was about perfect! I don't think that i ever stopped thinking about him for the last 5 years of my life at least! I still get butterflies in my tummy everytime I step off the plane, or am picking up from the airport. I have to thump myself often to make sure that I am not in a dream. I MEAN IT!
I would always think to myself when I was younger... Man, if i could just find someone like Nick. That would be perfect!
The only reason I thought he was not perfect, was that he turned me down back in day. I was a baby he said. I had decided I wanted him to be my husband. He would have laughed at me. I was 18 and we had never been on a date. Okay maybe one.. Burger King! I'll have to tell the story in full another time.
As I thought over the years about him, I wanted a twin Nick. The way he looked, acted, and most of all his sense of humor. I thought well I guess I will have to settle.... because no one is anything like him at all.
Now everyday and get excited. I have NICK. The real Nick Sorensen! YIPPPEEEE!
He makes me all around a better person. I am very thankful for him. This year has been very wonderful. I LOVE YOU NICK! THANK YOU
My birthday was really a lot of fun. It always falls on National Pancake Day. Someone always takes me to IHOP. This year they were giving away free pancakes! Nick got me up at six and took me to eat breakfast before he had to go to work. I was quite excited. It was yummy! They even give you an ice cream treat at 7am. I cant have it, but I made Nick eat a little while they sang me Happy Birthday!
I relaxed all day. I didn't do all that much at all besides picking up our ski stuff we rented and answered birthday calls! That is always fun! Then Nick took me to a nice place for dinner to have prime rib for the first time. Sounds silly I know, but i would always just got for a filet. It was good. I enjoyed it, and the company was unbeatable! Then we went home and ate cake. Nick gave me a trip to Mexico for my birthday! I can't hardly wait. Mexico is my favorite vacation spot! You can't beat it in my eyes. Very close to home... but still Paradise! Well close to me. Not him!
The next day my Parents and my Uncle came out. We stayed at The Lodges at Deer Valley. We skied at Park City one day, and then two days at Deer Valley. It was lots of fun. We went to some really great resturants and browsed main street in town. We had alot of just chill time too. We would just hang around talking and laughing about things. I always enjoy that. One night we got to go and have dinner with Nick's Dad, who I really enjoy. I was glad my parents got the opportunity to meet him. None of my family had ever been to Utah before. They said they can't wait to go back. We are already trying to plan a summer trip. You cannot beat Park City ANY time of year. I'm always up for it!
(By the way, that is Jeff Foxworthy. He was sitting next to us at lunch one day at Deer Valley, and couldn't resist! He was SUPER nice, and didn't seemed to0 bothered by my redneck-ness! Imagine that!)


Haley said...

just saw your comments on my blog. I totally need to color my hair but it needs to be done NOW!!!! Can I cover my roots now then have you re-do it back to brown in 2 weeks or is that too much too soon???

Shally said...

It would be so hard for me to see Jeff Foxworthy and not make a comment about "You know you're a redneck when..." He would probably be so annoyed! :)

K- your word verification is like 50 letters long this time... It will probably take me a few tries before you actually see this comment! ;)