Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well after MUCH waiting...... I now introduce to you........... My new ride!!!!! My dad told me on my birthday that he found my first choice color white. All loaded, except for the seat heaters. This is a must! Once you live with it, you just cant live without it. He told me he wouold just get them installed by the time I got home from Utah. He found an awesome deal on it at a BMW sale in Pheonix. Lucky to have a Dad with the connections!

As of yesterday, I am the OFFICIAL sole owner of this car. I am pretty excited! I love it! It drives amazing compared to my Yukon. VERY BLESSED!


Shally said...

VERY NICE! I agree that the bum warmers are a must!!

Haley said...

Love it!!!! I agree on the seat warmers. I even use them in the summer!!!!!