Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well the Easter Bunny didn't come see me... He stayed in Utah! ;0) But he did get me something.... WE ARE GOING TO JACK JOHNSON! I have wanted to see him in comcert for probably four years!!! Since Nick and I have been together I have told him, I guess your going to have to take me to HAWAII to see him. He would just laugh. Jack hasn't had a US tour in a while. But he will be in Salt Lake in Aug. It was an awesome suprise. I cant wait!!!! I know it is going to be so awesome. Meanwile I'll be listening to his new cd alot to get all the songs down! I have to sing alog to everyone!!!


Shally said...

That would be an AWESOME concert!

Haley said...

That will be so fun!!!! Wish we could go!!!