Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The third day was NEW YEARS EVE. Nick was such a trooper he took me to my very favorite store in the world. Its all of three stories usually. Needless to say thats not an in and out stop. I ushually get to go to one about once a year, and i would say probably half my clothes are from there. i LIKE H&M. Nick found a bench and say take all the time you need babe. wE have all day. Dont be in a hurry at all. I can just hang out here hold you coat scarf and purse, and you can just do your thing. YES.... I KNOW KEEP HIM! i looked all around, tried everthing on i liked. I ended up with three black skirts and a pair of black skinny pants. One was on clearance for 10 bucks. All i can say is i know what i like, and i pretty much buy only things that i know i can wear all the time and doesnt really go out of style. Nick was like really four things????? you have been talking about this for all the time... are you sure thats all you want. I said YEP thats all i need. I was happy. The rest of that day we walked around looking at all kinds of places. we walked all over everywhere. then we walked back to our hotel through Times Square, and it was already Chaotic! people pushing and shoving you couldnt move but about one step per thirty seconds. I was sooo glad we werent going to be there all day and night in that mess. It was scary almost! i was so afraid i was going to loose nick's hand and i would never find him!

Nine that night we boarded the Circle Line along 248 other people for our new years evening! We stood in line for like a half hour and we froze. we weren't dressed for outside. the boat had dinner and dessert. along with a dj, so you could dance the night away. we were way to busy taking pictures of the Manhattan skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty all lit up at night. It was soo neat. Just the perfect night. Ill post some of Nicks work. i was not it charge of photography that night, well i shouldnt ever really be. Nick can work my new camera alot better than me. But that night i was afraid of dropping it in the water. That is about my luck! I HAD the BEST NEW YEARS KISS OF ALL TIME! iT was very fun!

Nick is really excited about 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!
New years day... was the only day that really lived like a real new yorker! We slept it had breakfast in bed and watched Football ALL DAY! We did eat a late lunch with Nicks friend Brad, that he played with at k state. we made sure it was a place that would have the TECH bowl game on. We found one. We ate and wnet back to the hotel and watched some more. He said THAT was a perfect day!

The following day we got up super early to go down to see ground zero. I dont have a picture if that one they had it all blocked off they are beginning construction. Then we went to century21 so we could say we got a designer bargain!. i found a juicy dress and nick got a couple of new jeans. it was almost a department store of TJ maxx. You can imagine how that could be a bit of sensory overload. After we left we went to Chinatown to make a few illegal purchases! that was fun. thrilling to say the least. all but the smell of fish that was all over!!!EWWEEEE i wont forget that. Right about when i thought i was going to throw up. Nick looked back and said, "that looks awesome, yum" and he was serious. i almot lost it! ;0)

That night we ate at Tao. It was super nice. they had a 16 foot statue of buddah when you walk in. CRAZY. i am very sure that the picture doesnt do it and justice. I ate raw fish and didnt think it was bad at all. (first) Nick got a wasabi crusted filet, which i just thought was ingenious!the food was great and the company was even better!

After Dinner we went to see Hairspray. It is worth going all the way to new york JUST FOR THIS! oh man the characters, costumes, settings out of this world. Norm from Cheers played the mom. We were rolling to whole time. It put the movie completeley to shame! it was the most entertaining musical of all
time! Absolutley perfect. By the end you were stood up singing and dancing! Im a huge fan! i recomend it to anyone any age! you cant help but love it!

The trip was PERFECT! The best part of it was i didnt worry about one thing the whole time. Nick looked at the map and always knew where we were. Had a plan to where we were going to get to see everything that we wanted to. I would just say hey i want to go there... and he would get us right to it. I love him for that! He is the Best! SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO FINISH THIS!


Shally said...

Glad you posted about your trip!

It was so good to see you-- hope you come back soon...

Haley said...

Sounds so fun!!! I would love to do that trip with B!!!