Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cheer!

well well all my gifts have been bought, been wrapped, and almost all been given out already!
i have my grandmothers birthday tomm. and Fri my family is cooking a mini holiday meal just for me before i leave. I cant hardly wait! I have all the dry treats made to take to salt lake to give away to nick's family and friends. that means ill just have to do a couple of sweet ones after i get there. Ill have to pack them all up in gift bags as soon as we make them, or between nick and i they will be gone before anyone gets any! well now all i have left is to take care of business stuff for when im gone and IM OUT! YIPPEEEEE
Nick and I will be looking at this on SUNDAY NIGHT! He is picking me up from the airport and going straight downtown. He's going to show me around. See all the lights and hear choirs. I cant wait! What a date! :o)


Haley said...

wish we were going to Utah!!!Love to see temple square at christmas time,sad that my kids are missing it!! hope you have a great time!!!

Shally said...

Make sure you bring a WARM coat to see the lights. They are beautiful! Santa also drives a horse carriage around the square-- that would be fun. Jaxon would be jealous, though...